Blog, or at least an attempt of it

Entry #12 - Oct 29th 2023

Again, 9 months later i come back to this. i have some exams this week (and next one too) but that won't stop me from revive this site >:D

Entry #11 - Jan 4th 2023

5 minutes ago I did not remember that this existed, hiii everyone

Entry #10 - July 28th 2022

Sorry for not updating this, I had to go to a funeral and i wasn't feeling well :P

Entry #9 July 23rd 2022

I don't recognize myself in the mirror anymore, feeling that everything is false and some paranoia is not the best thing in the world, I hope this ends before school starts or it will happen again

Entry #8 - July 22nd 2022


Entry #7 - July 19th 2022

I'm going to see the movie Incantation, brb

Entry #6 - July 18th 2022

I want to start drawing again in digital (or drawing in general) but every time the sketches come out uglier. I think I'll look for the most decent ones and upload them

Entry #5 - July 17th 2022

if my day was ruined, yours too

Entry #4 - July 17th 2022

After a 12-hour car ride and the urge to throw up, I'm still alive. I'm thinking of changing this website a bit, put your suggestions in the guestbook!

Entry #3 - July 15th 2022

MY BACK AND FEET HURT AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. But at least I have a book about necromancers :D (even though it was expensive)

Entry #2 - July 15th 2022

I have nothing to write (for now) but I do have a small recommendation for those who want to put Latin letters, is this page and you should use the code where it says entity

Entry #1 - July 14th 2022

Sorry for my absence, between personal problems, exams (in which I cheated) and some things I couldn't do anything here

Right now I'm in Buenos Aires, taking a vacation and shit, no one told me that programming on a laptop would be so uncomfortable. Anyway I'll be back home on Saturday (if possible) so updates are coming